Cyndi Weis


Cyndi is the founder of breathe and owner of the Corporate location. She is 500-hour Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Masters of Wisdom & Meditation teacher with davidji. Over the past 18 years she has trained with Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Vinnie Marino and Francois Raoult. Cyndi is a Dietitian/Nutritionist, and a Mental Health Counselor.

Meet Cyndi

Course Curriculum

    1. Meet Cyndi

    2. Let's Begin

    3. Outline and Objectives

    1. My story and what I want to share

    2. Self Check-In

    3. Be a Selectarian

    4. The Eater’s Agreement

    5. 30 Minute Yoga Class with Cyndi

    6. Self Quiz

    7. My Affirmation

    1. Self Check-In

    2. Microbiome, Digestion & Cleansing

    3. Practices to Support Your Cleanse

    4. A healthy microbiome builds a strong immune system that could help defeat COVID-19

    5. Self Quiz

    6. My Affirmation

    1. Self Check-In

    2. Elimination & Reintegration to Customize Your Diet:

    3. Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

    4. Meditation as a Tool to Disrupt Cravings

    5. Self Quiz

    6. Affirmation lesson 3

    1. Self Check-In

    2. Supplements for Optimal Health & Immunity

    3. My Affirmation

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Quick survey

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Jim M

Excellent Program. High quality materials and instruction. Highly recommended.

Liz F

"I love listening to my body; love using yoga as a measuring stick-I love the program and am so happy to hear your voice again-especially teaching!! The format is a great application of a familiar template-so glad you have attendees from afar! It’s such an important perspective on wellness and food. I have noted in the past few yoga practices-it’s as though my practice has a kinesiological response to the food. Weakens or strengthens the body! What an eye opener! "

Enjoy practicing yoga and meditation from the comfort of your own home.

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