April 19 - June 6, 2021

This 7-week virtual program begins on April 19, 2021

Online lessons, readings, and live bi-weekly video webinars with davidji. The training flows into a 5-day virtual online training with davidji, Cyndi Weis, founder of breathe yoga and your fellow teachers-in-training. breathe's Meditation Teacher Training will elevate your meditation practice to a higher and deeper level. Total tuition: $3,575 ($750 deposit required and a payment plan is available). All payments are non-refundable.

Weeks 1-6

6 in-depth weekly lessons provided through our course dashboard. Work through each lesson at your own pace and go back through previous lessons if you need to. Every week a new lesson will open up.

  • Lessons include in-depth training behind the science of meditation and the 8 Limbs

  • A reading list of ancient and modern texts provide a foundation for you as a teacher and practitioner. Highlights of the reading are woven into weekly lessons and immersion week.

  • Core reading with group assignments and group interaction

  • Real-world teaching and sharing

  • Video and audio teachings per week

  • Webinars with davidji, Cyndi Weis, and your teachers-in-training

  • One-on-one zoom call with davidji

  • One-on-one zoom call with Cyndi Weis

Week 7 Online Virtual Training, June 2nd - 6th, 2021

The previous 6 weeks of training have prepared you for this final week of virtual training with davidji, Cyndi Weis and your fellow teachers-in-training. Set up your sanctuary at home and dive in...

  • Wednesday 7pm-9pm

  • Thursday - Saturday 9am-5:30pm (additional event sessions on select days until 9pm)

  • Sunday 9am-10am

  • Sunday Graduation 10am-11:30am